Asbestos Removal For Nbn

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Used throughout the construction industry in the mid-20th century the hazardous nature of asbestos materials was only made apparent decades later. Thanks to our expertise, knowledge, and experience, the team at Reads Waste are who you want to safely, cleanly, and accurately remove any asbestos threatening your property.

With all the works being done on rolling out the NBN it is becoming apparent that the existing telecommunications infrastructure contains dangerously high levels of asbestos, posing a risk to maintenance workers and the general public.

Thanks to our experience and qualifications Reads Waste has the ability to complete asbestos removal for the NBN. By removing and replacing NBN asbestos pits our professionals can improve the safety and health of technicians and passers-by alike.

Telstra Asbestos Pits Removal

With increasing awareness of the placement and past use of asbestos products and materials the necessity of safe removal and disposal has grown. Fully certified with the EPA and WorkSafe to conduct asbestos removal works we have extensive experience completing asbestos works on Telstra infrastructure, removing the risk of airborne fibres spreading throughout the environment. To find out more about our seamless, prompt, and regulation-compliant Telstra asbestos pit removals call us on 0403 144 386.